In this digital age, cars are evolving to be digital too, meaning that they are incorporating millions of lines of software code taking over the intelligence from the hardware components.

From driving features to being able to access your favorite apps and keeping your car up with the latest security and functionality, cars are going to be more than just a machine that takes you from point A to point B.

Automotive manufacturing in Romania is a dynamic sector, benefiting from foreign investments, high technical skills of the local employees and long tradition of industrial manufacturing in the country.

“First Speed in Technology. Skill Up in Automotive”  is a training course which had been held between 22th of October to 15th of December at Liberty Technology Park Cluj. Through this course we aimed to change the paradigm of formal education and offer people interested in automotive industry a learning alternative to develop their passion with an up-to-date educational program.

SUPP OFFICE had been proudly one of the co-organizers of this event, together with Liberty Technology Park and the official organizer Centrul de Performanță Antreprenorială.


The training course approached topics from basic to advanced level from the trainers, experienced specialists and practitioners in the field. Some of them are Top 3 Worldwide Diesel and Diagnose Specialists.

This was a complete program that provided specialized theoretical and practical knowledge from top automotive practitioners with related topics such as:  automotiveAuto digitizationautomotiveSoftware  automotiveDiesel engineautomotiveGasoline engineautomotiveTelematicsautomotiveGearbox automotiveElectric part       

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Adult learning is what we all tackle nowadays in order to up-skilling or reskilling in a dynamic and competitive labour market. Arising dedication and curiosity, inter-waved with valuable information from professionals and pragmatic approaches, made this course a powerful knowledge tool for our participants. 

We want to thank to our collaborators, partners, participants and trainers for making this event happen & hope seeing you soon.

Until then, drive your future!